Mentoring Services
– Transitional & Educational

New Foundations Trust is dedicated to helping young people who have been damaged by life circumstances and helping them to see and realise a better future for their lives.We are actively working in primary,  intermediate and high schools in south Auckland – Manukau, Manurewa, Papakura, Pukekohe, Franklin and the surrounding areas.

We are called New Foundations Trust because our focus is to use mentoring as a tool to teach life skills, enabling youth to build new desirable foundations in their lives.

The Trust was established in early 2008 and the day to day running of the Trust’s activities is overseen by Sue Dickens – an experienced transitional mentor who has worked with at-risk youth for many years.

Our Vision …

Assisting youth to discover their potential.

Our Mission …

To partner with schools and community to bring marginalised youth back from the edge, helping them to reconnect with their education and become productive members of the community.

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