Sue Dickens talking to studentsBetter futures for South Auckland youth.
New Foundations Trust specialises in Transitional Educational Mentoring. We desire to see disadvantaged young people thrive, achieve and aspire to reach their potential.

Much of our work happens within South Auckland schools where we have an excellent reputation for helping some of the toughest students remain in school, wanting to learn. How do we do it? Quality mentoring is a distinguishing feature of our programmes. Through trusting relationships we support young people to create their own personal development plan.

We use a unique approach called Transitional Educational Mentoring:

Transitional – encouraging youth to move from a negative view of themselves to developing positive self-belief and build hope for the future
Educational – helping youth understand who they are and give them the opportunity and resources to gain the experience and knowledge to recognise and reach their future potential.
Mentoring – to provide guidance, nurturing support and mutual respect while providing valuable feedback which allows the young person to determine their own path and self-determined goals.


Our Programs